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Говорителят на Православната църква в Йерусалим на посещение в България

За повече информация относно Аталла Ханна:

  • 1965 – Attallah Hanna was born in Al-Rameh (Galilee). Went to school in his birthplace; went on to study at Patriarchate Seminary in Jerusalem.
  • 1983 – Studied at University of Thessaloniki. Awarded Masters of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.
  • 1991 – Ordained priest at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Was made an archimandrite, spokesman and in charge of the Arab section of the Patriarchate.
  • Taught religious studies at Orthodox schools in Jerusalem and Ramleh.
  • Taught church history and Arab civilisation in Haifa for seven years.
  • Established the Orthodox youth movement. Serves as spiritual father.
  • Elected chairman of committee that publishes Arabic books on religious studies for use in Galilee and Palestine’s schools.
  • Oversaw broadcasts about Orthodoxy on Voice of Palestine radio.
  • Active in the local and international ecumenical movement, including Muslim-Christian dialogues
  • Member of board of trustees of Bethlehem’s Al-Liqa’ centre, for cultural and religious studies in the Holy Land.
  • Represents Patriarchate in Muslim-Christian affairs section of Middle East Council of Churches.
  • Participated in Jerusalem committee, Morocco, representing churches in the Holy Land.
  • Represented World Council of Churches at United Nations Committee for Human Rights, discussing the suffering of the Palestinian people.
  • Participated in Islamic Summit in Doha, Qatar, speaking in the name of the Churches of the Holy Land.
  • Participated in Muslim-Christian meeting about Jerusalem in UAE.
  • Visited US many times to discuss difficulties of Palestinians under occupation; while there, he lectured at many universities and met with Christian groups and societies of human rights
  • Member of the Palestinian political committee in Jerusalem
  • Board of Trustees of Jerusalem Society.
  • 2005 Dec 1 – Elected Bishop of Sebastia
  • May 2007 – Suspended for a duration of two months by the Holy Synod of the Church of Jerusalem presided by Patriarch Theophilus III

ВИДЕО:Отново разрушаване на Ал-Аракиб от израелската войска

Отново разрушаване на селото Ал-Аракиб, извършено от израелската армия.

Всички новини за Палестина на едно място

Благодарение на авторът на сайта „Аз чета“ успях да видя, а след това и да направя нещо, което да помага при търсене на новини от Палестина-#palestine Daily.

Става дума не просто за най-важните новини, които включват новините с думата Palestine в тях, а най-вече онези новини, които активисти пускат и трудно попадат сред страниците на големите вестници. На страницата се събират всички постове в Twitter с таг #Palestine. Така освен новини от големи издания, ще може да следите и това, което се пуска в интернет с този таг. Също така показване на новини от свързани тагове, например #israel и #gaza.

Има опция за търсене, а също така и за абониране чрез мейл за получаване на последните ъпдейти. Страницата се ъпдейтва през 12 часа автоматично.

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