Да упражним демократичното си право да не бъдем чути.

First issue of VNP Magazine (now in UAE,Kuwait,Bahrain,Qatar,Lebanon and Jordan)

Hello, very normal people. First issue of Very Normal People Magazine ( is on the markets in UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain,Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan.

Last autumn i was invited to join in a new magazine`s team. The name of the magazine is VNP (Very Normal People). The project is from Sultanate of Oman, but it is in making in Bulgaria. It`s on sell only in Middle East. I`m proud to be part of this project.

The Future is now. Do not miss it. Join us and become a member of VNP club. Everyone is invited!

„The birth of a magazine is very much like the birth of a child. First you need to spend time contemplating whether you want it, next you spend even more time planning all the details, and finally, by the will of the Almighty, things actually happen  and your efforts are wreathed in success. […]

The title Very Normal People is, of course, emblematic, since the analysis of the problems of today`s world usually starts with the cultural, linguistic and lifestyle differences between people from the various regions of the globe. […]

VNP is a magazine with character which will surprise you every time, for a while and pay attention to them, as this is the best way to learn something about the others and about ourselves. VNP is the magazine with which you will have the opportunity to move forward in the future through the authoritative view of worldwide renowned fashion brands and their creators. They will hand you the key to the secrets of lifestyle, art, culture, and society.

At the same time every issue of VNP will step in the shoes of a talent scout and will be showing you young and talented artists from the whole of the Middle East region. Artists who are known to few but are still to be talked about a lot in the future. Because they produce culture that we can all feel proud of. VNP shall offer entertainment: cinema, music, spare time, art, and yet a lot more. And most of all- style.“

From editors of VNP Magazine

Contributors: Ibrahim Al Youssuf (Syria), Khader Salfij (Syria), Lucie Cruickshank (Great Britain), Yavor Siderov (Bulgaria), Ruslan Trad (Bulgaria)

Managing Director: Ali Bin Abdullah Al Kasbi

Art Director: Deyan Panayotov

Fashion Director: Svetoslav Petrov

Contributing Editors: Khader Salfij, Ruslan Khaled Trad, Lucie Criuckshank, Rola El Hussein, Yavor Siderov, Dimitar Trenev, Alexander Boytchev, Samir Nasri, Ibrahim Al Youssuf, Elena Boychinova, Zaki Al-Khatib, Konstantin Vulkov, Adrien Parry Roberts, Abdulla Al Karam, Kamen Yakimov

Contributing Photographers: Dale Grant, Robert Sparke

Head Office: Business Park Sofia, Building 11 Floor 2, Bulgaria 1766,

Representative Office: P.O. Box 2436 Ruwi, Postal Code 112, Sultanate of Oman

The issue is costing in Oman – 1 OMR, in UAE-10 AED, in Bahrain- 1 BHD, in Kuwait-1 KWD, in Jordan- 2 JOD, in Qatar- 10 QAR, in Lebanon- 4 LBP.

Go and buy!:)

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