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Visit with Palestine with Action Palestine

For the third year running, Action Palestine (AP) will be offering students the opportunity to visit Palestine and observe the situation on the ground first-hand.

The tours will take participants to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus, Qalqilya and a number of the neighbouring refugee camps. We will also visit villages affected by Israel’s Apartheid wall, meeting with local academics and activists along the way. The political briefings, covering the issues of Jerusalem, refugees, prisoners, the environment, media coverage of the Occupation, Palestinian resistance and many others key themes, will be complimented with visits to religious and cultural sights to give participants a comprehensive picture of Palestinian life. Given that we are a student organisation, we also work to foster relations between students and we will be visiting 2 Palestinian universities during our time in Palestine.

This year Action Palestine will be running 2 tours:

The first tour will last 15 days running from June 30th – July 14th. This tour will be an activist focused tour and will include a stay of a few nights with a family in a Palestinian refugee camp. Over the course of the tour we will also attend the 3-day student conference to be held at Bir Zeit University which will bring together students from around the world who are active in working against the Israeli Occupation. This tour is aimed primarily at people who are already active on the issue of Palestine and who are keen to learn more about the situation on the ground, improve their activist skills and make links with Palestinian students and activists.

The talks on this tour will have a distinctly practical tone focused around informing activism in the UK. During the course of the tour we will encourage participants to consider how they can improve their activism and we will invite them to consider how activism might be coordinated on a national level in the UK. The overall cost of this tour will be £550 which will cover food, accommodation and transport. You will need to organise your own flights. A limited number of subsidies are available for activists with a proven track record of public advocacy on the issue of Palestine.

The second tour will be running for 10 days from July 19th – July 28th and will be more suited to those who are new to the issue of Palestine. This tour is aimed at covering all of the main issues central to understanding the Israeli Occupation and to ensure that participants are given a comprehensive picture of the Palestinian viewpoint.

The tour costs £350 and includes food, accommodation and transportation. You will need to organise your own flights.

AP also offers participants the opportunity to enhance their experience in Palestine (as well as their CVs) by helping them to find paid work and volunteering positions with organisations working in Palestine. AP has numerous links with organisations working on the ground in Palestine and can link you into. If you are interested in working or volunteering in Palestine past the end of the tour, then please indicate this in your application and we can assist you in finding a position.

You can apply by downloading the application form here and emailing it as an attachment to Please be aware that in order to attend the tour you must be available to attend a 1-day workshop on the weekend of April 24th – 25th in either Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds or London.

The schedule of deadlines is below:

  1. Sunday March 14th deadline for applications
  2. Sunday March 28th applicants are informed if their application and subsidy request are successful
  3. Sunday April 11th deadline for payment and airline receipt
  4. April 24th – 25th compulsory training workshops take place in Edinburgh, Manchester and London
  5. May 30th final details of tour arrangements are sent to participants

Finally, if you want to visit Palestine but are unavailable during July, then there are a number of other organisations that run tours and summer camps:


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  1. Bernard Sidi февруари 23, 2010 в 12:49 pm

    Again – should I bring my own ammunition and fuel for my rent-a-tank? 🙂

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