Да упражним демократичното си право да не бъдем чути.

Radio Rofto, the voice of the Free Palestine

There is one project that I like and support full-Radio Rofto, the voice of the Free Palestine. This young project is developing rapidly, now has branches in several countries, Norway, Palestine, Indonesia, Canada, United States, Mexico and Lebanon.

Sponsors of the program are several. Now I present to you the idea of the project:

The main idea of this project started in Palestine, we aim to have an international society made of people willing to establish justice in the world. Toinspire and provide young people with the freedom and opportunity of expression, and promote a fierce but respectful dialogue among the highly diverse youth of all sects, socio-economic backgrounds, and political and religious beliefs in the Middle East specially and all the world generally . We use this freedom to create social change and to prove that the collaboration necessary for stability is possible.

Executive Summary: The need for  is clear. In a region where speech is censored and controlled, where stereotypes and conspiracy theories abound, and where minority voices are suppressed, it is imperative to nurture a dialog that can bring us closer to peace and stability. All of our volunteers and bloggers are committed to tell their stories and, more importantly, to listen to the stories of others. We have shown that,  that we can all agree to respectfully disagree.

One thing we in the Middle East And the world. know is that liberty does not come at the barrel of a gun. It does not just happen when tyrants are deposed or systems overturned. Liberty depends on the support of a network of institutions, many of which we do not have. At, we target one aspect necessary to the development of liberty and that aspect is free speech.

At, free speech is more than an idea, it is a practice. We use the internet platform to practice communicating our own stories to each other while listening to those of others. As simple as it may seem to a Westerner, the very creation of, its power and influence, its underlying principles, and its hardheaded determination are radical in and of themselves. We are willing to fight injustice throw art and culture. This project is based on cultural exchange between the youth from all around the world. We will form an International working team and we’ll stand together as one voice and say ” NO TO INJUSTICE“.

All of our writers are aware of the limitations on their freedoms. They know what censorship really means. They know what it means to express controversial opinions and to question commonly held opinions.

In a region of the world that lacks institutionalized support for free speech, practice tolerating diverse opinions is hard to come by. Newspapers get closed, journalists . Our governments do everything possible to retain control of public opinion and access to information.

The internet is a place that affords the modicum of protection necessary to practice free speech. This is what does. We provide that forum.

Coming soon material with Haroon Abu Arra!


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