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The story of my cousin in South Lebanon

My cousin Abed was born in Dibbine, Lebanon. Land that has seen many wars, grief, loss and heroism. The family of Abed is one of the many families who have lost their homes in 2006, when Israel and Lebanon started another war.

Remains of a house of my cousin.

Some time ago we talked about the war in Lebanon and the consequences of war. He told me that his house was damaged home after the rocket fire. Then I decided to tell about it. Later I decided I had to describe it by his own self Abed other day in which many things in his life changed.

Abed is the story of the history of many people in Lebanon. Therefore I think the story of Abed will be interesting. Unfortunately it is sad.


„That was a normal day, 12 July 2006, hot day in South Lebanon in my village we -as usual – in the summer wear shorts, seat under the shadows to afford the heats 5, 6 guys together chatting about the life and about our village, listening to the music, flying from one house near the village yard, it was empty from people, sure they are in after noun sleeping, they finish farming work taking the break to start evening work, they wake up but not in coffee break they wake up on news about successes difference mission..

Dibbine,South Lebanon

In general when we had mission like that we just enjoy it, but this time was different…. many people pass by advise us to hide not show up in field “that’s the for covering from Israelis helicopters and F16” we stay in the shadow following the news we stay at the village yard many guys  came out from the houses to cover with us under that shadow ‘’ these trees are more than 200 years old” till we become most the guys and men of our village pass by to see what’s the last news, in this night we brought our Nargeile and cards out to the shadow tree to hang up there at 12 midnight it was the first bombing Israels to our main bridges and some places.

One of Hezbollah`s civilian leader from our village  came to stay with a man who lost one of his legs by one of Israelis mines we were talking about the mission what could happen a cause of it.  He said this time is different and later he will need our help and we should be ready, it was the first time from some of us he talk to them in this way they was so exciding they will resist Israel we stay wake  that night.

At 5 am we were looking at the first light coming from the sky in the sunrise but it was first time came that fast. We almost fall because of that noise and that light it was like storm but it was one of Israel bombs over a house .That house is at the end of our village and  people they lived there they left before the night come and all the luck is become from our Hezbollah civilian leader advice” One little boy was sleeping near that house in other house he weak up and fear in his face it was a shock for him .

I have run to meet him in the middle of the road I wanted то take him to a  cover because F16 was in the sky and radar plain also they were ready to kill any one walking or any worm body. I take him to  the near house we covered when I listen that there’s no more planes in the sky I run to other house near to the village it was 1 min run after that I fall down on face because of other bomb noise…The building I took cover first time, building of four floors now is big hall. They totally destroy it.

On the second day we get the news about the war , we start evacuation… all the vans all the taxi they were taking the family we concentrate in kids first then women then the old people but the guys stay. They want to be a part of this war. Some people they stay in the village, my mom and my sisters my dad and one of my brother he pass by we stay together for 2 hours time at the end he told me “my brother we are now together I am going somewhere, I don’t know if I will be back if I didn’t this paper all what I wish after I die I wrote down and my wish for you to be in good health stay with  my mom and our sisters don’t leave them alone and try your best to confuse them to go out from the village. I don’t think they will leave our village in peace, and I wish you stay in the our father religion don’t miss the prays… god will be with you.

At the end I went with him to his car. He bring out of the car a machine gun “M16” He told me “This is your wife -hold her in your arms, take care of her she will take care of you keep her clean give her she will give you”, he bring out also a box he told me those are your kids they will day for you to protect you from the enemies (they were bullets)  he hug me for a seconds I feel them like years I don’t want them to end I see in those moments all the memories for us how we play together how we fight how we laugh….

No longer as  he enter in  his car I get what’s the meaning of war ….maybe I will not see him again a lost tear fall down from my eyes. I go back to the house like a thief I don’t want anyone see me with the machine gun I hide it somewhere in the ward we use to hide or secret there “she’s my wife don’t want anyone to see her” when I enter the house  I see tears in my mom eyes I asked her what happen she hug me and she told me to be carefully -don’t leave the village stay here near to us near to my eyes- when she leave me she said in string way -now we have to get something for eat and try to bring the bread -when I go back to the village yard I see the yard full of my friends with their “wifes’’  and I see the civilian leader we ask him you are the leader what we should do he said “first of all we have to start digging the protection halls around the village under the trees and near the main entering road to our village” he asked all the guys who has a machine gun and who hasn’t who doesn’t know how to use it some of us they had training he ask us to wait him in his house…“

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    Ница история

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