Да упражним демократичното си право да не бъдем чути.

Latest updates from my pages and groups in Facebook (9 January 2010)

Al Jazeera fan Page: Comments on World’s tallest building to open in Dubai – 04 Jan 10(video)

  • Caleg Keren: my country will never have this kind of building for 2 reasons: No Money and natural disaster
  • Hans Nix-Duchessne: Burj means bankrupt
  • Llowell Williams: Dubai: Epitomizing everything that’s wrong with capitalism and the culture of excess, in one convenient nation-state!

Luciana Di Floriano: Congratulations Dr. Bashar Al Assad, we will always support you!
Mahmoud Chaker: he earned it……there is no one in the middle east that sticks to his ideals more than our Assad! Thank you doctor! 😀

Suat Firat الى كل امرأة انتى زى ما قال حليم كائن حلو بس كداب

Emad Rizk عشانك ياقمر.. اطلعلك القمر .. مادام هواك أمر .. أطاوعك يا قمر.. أحبك .. بحبك يا حليم..

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