Да упражним демократичното си право да не бъдем чути.

Yemen is newest front in ‘war on terror’.I`m sure!

Yemen will be a new target of the „war on terror“. U.S. forces would have to be accommodated as soon as they feel that it is possible. It seems that this moment comes.

After the attack on Iraq War on terror needs new victims. More easily if a country is not helping. In the case of Yemen recognizes that throughout the country there are people of Al Qaeda. The U.S. government claims that several hundred, but other sources believe that more than 2 000 people. But what are the proofs of these statements?

The British Embassy and the U.S. Embassy closed. The official statement by London and Washington is worried that by the attacks. Too familiar scenario. Yemen will become a second Iraq.
There are many questions unanswered. Perhaps the United States and Britain closed their embassies because they prepare the attack against Yemen. At the same time, the new counter-terrorism parts of Yemen will be trained by the United States and England. Questionable.
Let’s see Obama’s statement:

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