Да упражним демократичното си право да не бъдем чути.

Free Moroccan Blogger El Bachir Hazzam!

لم أرى شيئاً لم أسمع شيئاً و لن أقول شيئاً

For several days running in the Facebook campaign for the release of Moroccan blogger Bashir Hazzam. Since our colleague proposes to support initiatives to include the group on Facebook. I already did, I hope you make it.

Facebook group:  Free Moroccan Blogger El Bachir HAZZAM – الحرية للمدون البشير حزام

Campaign Site: Free Bachir!

Here are the latest updates on the case:

Global Voices Online: On Monday, December 14, Moroccan blogger Bashir Hazzam (also spelled Hazem, Hazzem) and Internet cafe owner Abdullah Boukhou were sentenced, to four months and one year, respectively, in a Goulmim court. Hazzam was sentenced for “spreading false information harmful to the kingdom’s image on human rights,” while Boukhou’s sentence was for similar reasons and likely included a charge for providing a space for dissident activities.

Reporters Without Borders condemned the sentences, stating that, “Bashir Hazzam and Abdullah Boukhou have not committed any illegal act. Bashir Hazzam has only posted a statement released on the crackdown by the police during student demonstrations in Tarjijt, 200km south of Agadi. Abdullah Boukhou is accused of having sent information and photos on these events. Instead of throwing these innocent people in prison, the authorities would do better to investigate abuses committed by local security services.”

لقد تم انشاء شبكة صور على موقع الفليكر من اجل استقبال صور التضامن مع المدون المعتقل البشير حزام، بمعنى يمكن للجميع مشاركة صورهم وذلك بارسالها عبر البريد الإلكتروني التالي
رابط شبكة صور التضامن على الفليكر:
Please send your pictures in solidarity with Moroccan Blogger El Bashir HAZZAM to

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