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First Rail Trip between Tartous and the Iraqi Umm Qasr Port Is Run

Tartous, (SANA)- The first rail trip from Tartous to Umm Qasr Port passing through Baghdad was run on Saturday in implementation of the memo of understanding between the Syrian and Iraqi Transport Ministries to operate the rail bridge between the Mediterranean and the Iraqi Umm Qaser Port on the Arabian Gulf.
Transport Minister Yarob Bader hailed bringing the running date closer from June 1st to May 30th as a success and a culmination of all the efforts exerted to run the first trip from Tartous Port to Baghdad after a long time pause.“ This will bring prosperity for the Syrian transport sector and achieve openness on Iraq for to import the materials necessary for its rebuilding via the Syrian ports.“ The Minister said.
Chief of Tartous Railways Adnan Ibrahim considered that the successful running of the first train could help develop bilateral trade and economic relations.
Director of Tartous Customs Louai al-Nabolsi expressed the Customs Directorate’s readiness to overcome all difficulties facing the flow of goods from the ports that are to be carried by railways across the borders.
The trip lasts 36 hours and the top of the Syrian engine would be replaced by an Iraqi one on the Syrian-Iraqi borders if there were goods and cargos by Syrian and Iraqi tradesmen.
Manal Ismael/Ghossoun


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