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Какво ново в арабските блогове?

  1. Who is A.G?

    Many of us never heard about Abu Ghadiyah before the lawless raid on Boukamal. His name is all over the news now as the media keeps repeating the American claim that he was killed in the raid along with some “bodyguards” of his. Still, few know anything about Abu Ghadiya, except that he’s one of those terrorists who are „hell bent“ on destroying America (in Sarah Palin’s language).

    In the information age, I thought, everything I needed to know must be a few clicks away. First, I tried to find the guy on Facebook, under “Abu Ghadiyah” then under “Badran Turki …

  2. Petreaus Proposed Visiting Syria: VP Refused him Permission.

    [Landis analysis] The following “Exclusive” ABC story is not so exclusive. Syria Comment has been writing since August 2008 that Petraeus tried to go to Damascus in the fall of 2007, but was refused permission by the Vice President. It wasn’t the president. (That little bit of info is an SC exclusive told to me by a top intelligence officer.)

    The refusal to find a political solution to the border problem, which could have been done at the price of returning a US ambassador to Damascus, left the officers in Iraq with no alternative but to solve their problem with …

  3. computer

    وجدت هذا المقال على الانترنت باللغة الانكليزية فقررت ترجمته للعربية ونشره. وهذه هي الخطوات الخمس التي تجعل حاسبك مليئاً بالفيروسات والبرامج المخربة وأقرب لأن يكون كومة معدنية من القمامة: 1. لا تزعج نفسك بتحديث البرامج الموجودة في حاسبك من الانترنت، البرامج مثل Java و Flash ومتصفح الانترنت لديك تطلب تحديثات بشكل […]

  4. إنسان

    رشفات متتالية مسرعة لتنهي الفنجان السادس … تكومّه بعدها في الزاوية التي بدأت تئن تحت الفناجين الفارغة … والتي تزداد كل قليل … تراقب تحركات الساعة التي تستفزّ الساهرين بصوتها العقيم …كأنها تحاول أن تثبت لهم حقيقة مرعبة … بأن من ننتظر لن يأتي … بحركات سريعة بيديها … تطرد ذلك الوهم الذي لطالما آمنت أنه وهم … […]

  5. إنسان

    تعلو رائحة القهوة الشهية التي تسخن على عجل … مع الحركة السريعة … لاستثارة الدفء الهارب من نسمات الصباح الباردة … حركة اليدين فوق النار التي تستحث القهوة على الفوران … تعاود اللون … من جديد … … أقف أمام أناقة لباس الشتاء … قميص وكنزة تعلوه , كل صباح … تورّد الوجه … نكشة شعر لذيذة … تعطي لمن يعيش أيامه […]

  6. The Damascus Community ‘School’

    I have always resented the Damascus Community School, or the „American School“ as it is called locally. There was something about it that annoyed me immensely, firstly in that the only people who could afford to put their children there were very rich people with more money than sense, secondly their children grew up to be little Americans. During my last few trips to Syria I had noticed that the wall surrounding the school has gotten higher and higher to the point where it now looks like a mini-fortress, much to my approval. I don’t believe it should be a …

  7. Allah la ykbarena, Trick or Treat 😀

    Dana: Sooo why don’t we do something for Halloween this year for a change.
    me: Yeah I wanna be Geisha!
    Dana: hmmmm lets trick or treat
    me: Lets go to the really really rich towns
    Dana: LOL ok, they have awesome candy
    me: I like the people that don’t want to be bothered and leave a bucket of candy that says „take one“
    Dana: Do you really take one?
    me: No, I dump the whole bucket into my bag of course
  8. Bassem Dahdouh 1

    Some of my favorite works by distinguished Syrian artists.

    St. Paul de Vence

    On leaving Spain, we went the most artistic village in the whole of Europe: St. Paul de Vence to attend the wedding of some dear friends. There, we also met Mary and Tony Sidawi and had lots of fun with them. That was the end of our summer vacation.
  9. More developments

    The American embassy is closed today–just temporarily. According to Al-Jazeera, there were protests throughout Damascus which remained peaceful.

    Most Damascenes that I’ve spoken to continue to distinguish, as they always have in my experience, between a people and their government. But Syrians are also extremely angry at this violation of state soveriegnty, and rightfully so, so it’s always better to stay away from demonstrations and the like.

    Today one of our teachers asked us how America could commit an act like this and still criticize Syria for atrocities the government committed in the past. At first the question surprised …

  10. Protests in Damascus

    Thousands of Syrians have taken to the streets of the capital Damascus to protest against a US raid which killed eight people near the border with Iraq. Riot police were deployed outside the US embassy as the demonstrators, mostly civil servants and students, gathered for the government-backed protest a few kilometres away. The embassy, which was pelted with stones during a protest against US-led air raids on Iraq in 1998, was closed on Thursday due to security concerns. But the situation remained peaceful as the protesters filled the Youssef al-Azmi square and surrounding streets in the al-Maliki neighbourhood, with some …

  11. North-west Syrian sealine

    Pictures from north-west greeny Syrian nature and hot sunny climate.
  12. يوراميوم

    الأفكار الجميلة والخلاقة تأتي ممن ترك التفكير التقليدي شاهدت هذا الموقع وهو إعلان لألبوم موسيقي “دليل الحياة العصرية” اسمه you are not dead (على فكرة الموسيقى أيضاً جميلة) عنوان الموقع : Fake الفكرة في الموقع أن التصفح (الـ Scroll) أفقي،أي أنه عليك سحب شريط التصفح باتجاه اليمين لمتابعة القراءة والاطلاع على الموقع، قد تكون الفكرة غير عملية 100% […]
  13. و حكم جديد.. من محكمة العار

    علمنا أمس, الأربعاء, بخبر الحكم على معتقلي إعلان دمشق للتغيير الوطني الديمقراطي لمدة سنتين و نصف مع الحجر و التجريد, باستخدام التهم المعتادة في هذه الحالات كإضعاف الشعور القومي و نشر أخبار كاذبة و الانتساب لجمعية سرية. و باقي الديباجة التي مللنا و للأسف من سماعها. هذه الصفعة الجديدة للحقوق الأساسية في سوريا تضاف إلى صفعات أخرى تعاقبت على مدى العقود الأخيرة, ملاحقات و مضايقات و اعتقالات و
  14. 3bdulsalam

    جرى حديث صغير بيني وبين صديقي حسام ايام المسلسل الذي ملأ الدنيا وشغل الناس مسلسل باب الحارة وكما هي عادة الأحاديث تتشعب وتتعدد محاورها وقد اجتزأت الحديث التالي على الرغم من الفترة الزمنية الجيدة التي باتت تفصلنا عنه لكن يبدو ان الفكرة بشكل او بآخر قد وجدت مناسبة جيدة للظهور مؤخرا. وقد حدثني حسام وقتها قائلاً: […]
  15. adjustments

    A week ago, I received a phone call from my Syrian Uncle, the older brother of my Aleppine host mom. He was in Damascus for business and hadn’t seen me since the night I burst into tears at his house in Hama following a political discussion that simply broke my heart. With the exception of that exchange though, we had always enjoyed each other’s company. He is both a Mercedes trader and sheikh, thus through him, I have access to two slices of Syrian society I have little contact with these days (and which usually have little to do with …
  16. “Twilight Struggle” by Eli Lake

    Qunfuz has an excellent article on the raid into Syria and the sentiments of Syrians.

    PRI interview with Landis on Syria Raid

    Twilight Struggle
    In its closing days, the Bush administration escalates the war on terror.
    By Eli Lake, The New Republic Published: Tuesday, October 28, 2008

    On Sunday, U.S. helicopters accompanied by a special forces team struck in Sukkariyeh, Syria, just over the border from Iraq. It was a raid with enormous implications for the war in Iraq and the broader war on terror. The target of the raid was a man named Badran Turki Hishan al-Mazidih, …

  17. US embassy in Damascus may close

    America says it may have to close it’s embassy. It follows angry
    protests in Damascus following Sunday’s invasion.Extra Syrian police have been guarding the compound since Sunday.

    Even during the start of the Iraq war the building stayed open,
    although the Syrian army stopped protesters getting near the top end
    of Abu Rumani street.

    The embassy has been without an ambassador for three and a half years.

  18. Aftermath of the American invasion of Syria

    This is a battle of words. True, eight people died, but everyone knows
    Syria is not going to attack America – as it has the right to.Syria has been invaded. America called it „taking matters into our own
    hands“. But the real debate is over what Syria is calling it.

    On the streets, people are calling this an act of war. But officials
    are deliberately steering clear of those two explosive words.

    Syria does not want a war, no matter how limited, which is what
    America appears to be gunning for.

    Instead, they’re calling it a war crime. That’s telling, because it
    frames …

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